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호주오픈 8강에 오른 정현에 대해 테니스 기술과 못 받는 볼이 없을 정도의 탄탄한 수비에 놀라지만 외국 기자들이 더 놀라는 것은 정현의 영어 실력이다.

1만 5천여 관중이 기립해 듣고 있는 온코트 인터뷰는 몇마디 답을 외웠다고 할 수 있는 것은 아니다. 

특히 1시간 넘게 외국 기자들과 영어로 테니스의 세밀한 부분까지 설명해야 하는 공식 인터뷰는 더욱 더 어렵다. 보통 영어 실력으로는 안된다.  테니스는 국제 스포츠다. 영어가 공용어다. 영어가 안되면 테니스를 아무리해도 소용이 없다. 심판에게 어필도 못하고 연습 상대도 못구하고 영어로 써 있는 테니스 대회 문구도 제대로 읽을 수 없다. 하지만 정현은 이 모든 것을 영어로 해내고 있다. 영어 실력만큼 테니스 실력도 올라간다고 보면 된다. 

영어 안되면 톱10 할 생각을 하지 말아야 할 정도로 일본, 중국 주니어 선수들도 영어로 의사소통을 한다. 영어는 수학이고 랭귀지다. 습득하면 된다. 

아래는 정현의 호주오픈 16강전 승리뒤 영어 공식 인터뷰다. 


 Australian Open
Tuesday, 23 January 2018
Hyeon Chung
Y. CHUNG/N. Djokovic
7-6, 7-5, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.
Q. What does your win mean for tennis in Asia? Do you think this victory will help drive it further?
HYEON CHUNG: Yeah, today victory for my country, I think tennis coming up after this tonight (smiling).

Q. South Korea and North Korea will be going into the Olympic Games together. What does that
mean to you and your country?

HYEON CHUNG: I think it's a good question, but I don't know. I'm just playing tennis, so I can't say
anything about this.

Q. You cannot say anything because you think is a political issue you don't want to talk about or
because you don't have any opinion on that?

ATP: Next question, please.

Q. How happy are you to have beaten the six-time champion of the Australian Open on Rod Laver Arena?
HYEON CHUNG: Yeah, I play tennis. I'm just looking for Novak, Roger, Rafa. They're all my role model, my idol. I'm just happy to play with Novak again. I'm just honored to see him again on the tour. Today my dreams come true.

Q. Do you think your game is very similar to the one of Djokovic, more than to the one of Federer and Nadal, I guess, or not?

HYEON CHUNG: Yeah, I think so. I'm just trying to play Novak because he playing good in baseline and he mentally really strong as well.

Q. How much did winning the NextGen title in Milan last year boost your confidence to come

HYEON CHUNG: Yeah, I really have good finish the season after the Milan so I can start really happy to start this season with the confidence and comfortable, yeah.

Q. It's difficult to understand why you're No. 58 in the world now, and you were No. 51 two years ago. What happened?
HYEON CHUNG: I play on the tour like two, three years. I have lot of injury. Every year, like two, three months. I think that's the point. This year, I'm just trying to play without injuries.

Q. Can you remember when you first saw Novak play?
HYEON CHUNG: I think I saw him first time when he make champion in Melbourne, in Australian Open, like almost 10 years ago, seven years ago.

Q. 2008?

Q. Did you model your game on him or did you like him because he played the same as you?
HYEON CHUNG: I'm just like him and he's playing really good, so I'm just trying -- I'm like to watch his play. I like him, yeah.

Q. Kyrgios said he was asking autographs to Tsonga when he was younger. Did you ever ask
autographs to Djokovic in your life?

HYEON CHUNG: No, not yet. Maybe later. Maybe I want to take a picture one day. I have take picture with Rafa last year. So one by one, I think (smiling).

Q. You said the other day that tennis wasn't that popular back home. Do you think your win
tonight will make big news back home?

HYEON CHUNG: I think so. I hope getting better than last few years.

Q. Did you know Hyung-Taik Le was the best Korean player?


Q. Have you played with him?
HYEON CHUNG: I never seen him when he playing. I played Davis Cup two years ago, he's our captain. I just playing with him same team.

Q. What did he tell you? Do you still talk with him or not?
HYEON CHUNG: He's captain, so we talk all the time, we eat all the time, just yeah.

Q. After a big win like that, is it hard to refocus for the next game?
HYEON CHUNG: I'm just trying to focus every day, every time, every moment in Grand Slam. I'm happy to stay on court, big stadium, Melbourne, really good fans. I'm just happy to be there.

Q. Do you know anything about Sandgren?
HYEON CHUNG: Yeah, he's really good player. I think he make first quarterfinal, same like me. I'm
just ready for him. I have to do good recovery first. 

Q. Have you seen him playing?
HYEON CHUNG: I played him before one time. We know how to play each other. I have to be ready.

Q. It was a great on-court interview you did with Jim Courier. A couple years ago when you
played a smaller tournament in China, you could barely speak English. How did you improve your
language? You have a teacher? You learn on tour?

HYEON CHUNG: I stay on the tour because I have to speak English all the time, so that's the study for me. I'm just trying to learn on the tour.

Q. You also said you have Chinese food on the match day because Korean food is quite heavy,
which is surprising to know because we always think Chinese food is heavy. What kind of
Chinese food do you have? Did you have Chinese food today?

HYEON CHUNG: Not today because it's too late. But I'm never eat Chinese food in China before. I
don't know why. But in here I always eat Chinese food. Maybe I try Chinese food in China later.

Q. You've been nicknamed The Professor because of your glasses on court. Do you like it?
HYEON CHUNG: Yeah, I think I like it. It's good nickname.

Q. Can you imagine winning the tournament?
HYEON CHUNG: I don't know. I'm just trying focusing one at a time, so...

Q. Do you think you're lucky to play somebody who is ranked No. 97 in the world?
HYEON CHUNG: Maybe yes, maybe not, because he beat every good player. I'm just focus for

Q. When did you realize Novak was suffering pain in his arm out there?
HYEON CHUNG: I think like after first set, he has medical timeout. He looks like tired.

Q. What kind of strategies or tactics did you prepare before coming to today's match?
HYEON CHUNG: I'm just trying to play the same so far this tournament. I'm just trying to more relax and more focus because he playing really good. He's before No. 1 in the world, so I have to focus every point.

Q. Which are the biggest sports in Korea? Where is tennis?
HYEON CHUNG: I think baseball, basketball, soccer. Now ice skating because next month playing
Olympic. Maybe tennis like five, after tonight maybe.

Q. During the night I saw you many times celebrating to your corner saying like, I'm staying
here. Did you see that from someone else or is it just your way to celebrate?

HYEON CHUNG: I'm just trying to same like someone do this. I'm just trying to focus on this

Q. It's not inspiration from Cristiano Ronaldo?


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